Bentall Microturbine Developments

Closing the green renewable energy gap a valuable little.

What are Microturbines?

Microturbines are river barges designed as a Trimaran, allowing two parallel turbines to generate electricity and they can also then through electrolysis units in the outer two hulls generate hydrogen. They are secured to the river bottom by either mooring posts and/or river bottom anchors. Preferably, they are formed into up to 20-25 Microturbine 'flotillas'. This design and patent allow them to be fully scaleable depending on river width from bank to bank and water depth. The initial prototypes will probably be up to 23 metres long x 22 metres in width.

The world is not prepared to be net-zero by 2050. For almost 150 years, it has been seduced by fossil fuels and now, 70% of renewable energy is lacking to end the dependence on them.
There is one additional source of inexpensive and environmentally friendly source to add to the growing renewables mix to reduce this deficit, which the world seems to have forgotten about: Rivers.
Every single day, the 140 world’s largest rivers discharge 71.5 Billion Metric Tonnes of Energy. That is more than 3 million Olympic swimming pools (one is 2,500 metric tonnes) in just one day – and this is a continuous renewable source of electricity.
Bentall Microturbine Developments’ patented microturbines are able to harness the rivers’ kinetic power that is currently being wasted, closing the green renewables energy gap a valuable little.

World Map of biggest rivers


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